Sunday, January 11, 2009

Opón River trip

On my trip up the Opón River with Stewart I met some really great folks. As many of you know I like hanging around with kids. The above photo was taken by the six-year-old brother of the other two kids in the photo. We were having a little digital camera session. After that, Noralba, the seven-year-old girl decided that I need a lesson in grapefruit picking. We used a big long pole, forked at the end to knock them down. Yorlan (4 yrs) is pictured here with some of the harvest. Afterwards we had grapefruit "limonada".

In the afternoon we went swimming in the river. I was a little worried about pirhanas. They told me they didn’t have any, but that the sting rays could be nasty. Wow, that made me feel better. Older cousin Jonathan was fishing with a throw net while we were there. It took several tries, but I finally got a photo gives you the feel. It was fun to watch. He was getting baitfish to use for line fishing later that night.

That evening we had supper with another family, and after supper Juan was working on weaving his own net while we visited. It looked absolutely perfect to me, all done free-hand.

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